Appendix 5: Sample Monitoring And Recording Templates

The following tables show one method of recording fertiliser application details on a paddock recording sheet. Template A shows a completed example with a blank template B provided.

Individual paddock sheets make it easy to add up total nutrient applications in each season. Land managers with small properties may choose to combine all paddocks or blocks on a single recording sheet, listing the paddock name alongside the date and fertiliser type.

Most land managers will develop their own abbreviations – e.g. ‘A’ for aerial application by aeroplane, ‘H’ for helicopter, etc. In the example, ‘spinner’ refers to the land manager’s own tractor-mounted spreading equipment. There is no need to repeat the operator name or other details if these are always the same – e.g. one company is used for all groundspreading.

Template A: Sample paddock recording sheet for fertiliser applications. This is a completed example of the form below.

Template B: Paddock recording sheet template for fertiliser applications. This is a blank form of the above example.

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