Feeding the world’s growing population

New Zealand’s reputation as a quality food producer is growing.

Optimising food production

Over the next 50 years farmers around the world will need to produce more food than has been grown over the past 10,000 years.

Best use from a limited resource

Fertiliser helps farmers produce food efficiently by replenishing the soil. But fertiliser needs to be used responsibly.

Responsible and sustainable nutrient management

The Fertiliser Association invests in research and tools to ensure farm profitability while minimising nutrient losses to the environment.

The Fertiliser Association of New Zealand promotes and encourages responsible and scientifically-based nutrient management.

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Code of Practice

Our Code of Practice is a key resource tool for farmers, growers and their advisers. The Code is about supplying nutrients for growing healthy food, while at the same time managing risk to the environment.

All farm systems are dependent on an adequate supply of essential nutrients, whether it is for cropping and horticulture or pasture for livestock. The role of fertiliser along with other sources of nutrients such as crop residue, nitrogen fixation, soil reserves, compost and effluent is to help ensure adequate levels of essential nutrients are present for plant growth and animal health.

This Code of Practice for fertiliser nutrient management is intended to provide clear principle-based guidance on supplying the nutrients for growing healthy food, while at the same time avoiding or minimising the loss of those nutrients to the environment. The Code is designed to be relevant for the emerging regulatory framework and provide guidance for farmers, growers and their advisers when developing nutrient budgets, nutrient management plans, farm plans and freshwater farm plans.  It is also relevant for regional council planning and technical staff.

Download Code of Practice

A hard copy of the Code is available on request. Request your copy by emailing info@fertiliser.org.nz.

The Code draws from a wide range of scientific literature. References used in developing the Code can be found here:  


Further information about fertiliser use for a range of New Zealand farm systems can be found on our resources pages:


The Fertiliser Association of New Zealand and Dairy NZ funded development of the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme (NMACP). This industry-wide certification aims to ensure that advisers have the learning, experience and capability to give sound nutrient advice.

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12 June 2024

FANZ places great value on developing New Zealand’s agricultural research capability. One way we do this is through supporting PhD students. Among the students we are currently supporting is Kaitlin Watson, a Lincoln University student whose PhD looks at phosphorus and nitrogen cycling in dryland pastures under conventional and regenerative agriculture management.

27 March 2024

FANZ is dedicated to funding research and developing New Zealand’s agricultural research capability by supporting PhD research such as the work of Massey University student Nicola Wilson who is undertaking research on ‘What Hot Water Extractable Carbon and Nitrogen can tell us about changes in labile soil Carbon and Nitrogen.’

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