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Code of Practice For Nutrient Management

The Fertiliser Association of New Zealand's (formerly The New Zealand Fertiliser Manufacturers' Research Association) Code of Practice for Nutrient Management (with emphasis on fertiliser use) considers the use of fertiliser within the broader context of nutrient management. With this approach, a nutrient budget is the basis for developing a nutrient management plan. This Code assists in achieving that, placing the planning within the context of a farm management system.

While it is mainly intended as a guide for nutrient advisers and consultants, this Code is also useful for land managers (farmers and growers) who want to know more about nutrient management planning and the best nutrient management practices for their production system.

Wise nutrient management planning will enable land managers to demonstrate environmental care as they undertake production activities and aim to run a profitable business. Additionally, this Code will help land managers, consultants, Regional Councils and the public to have confidence in nutrient management practices throughout New Zealand’s primary production sector.

It is not intended to be read from beginning to end. Users can select sections relevant to them, depending on their needs, farming systems and current level of nutrient management planning.

Code of Practice For Nutrient Management
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