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A quarterly update on a variety of fertiliser industry and research topics.

 Issue 74
June 2018
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters we highlight completed PhD research by Aaron Stafford on plant cadmium uptake, as well as research by Jeff Morton on the potassium requirements of pastures on North Island east coast hill country. We cover the visit of delegates from phosphate supplier OCP Group and its subsidiary PhosBoucraa and provide a sneak preview of Overseer’s game-changing new software. We also provide an overview of the results from our readership survey.

Issue 73
December 2017
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters we celebrate the certification of the 200th Nutrient Management Adviser. Our Chief Executive Vera Power talks about the changing face of NMACP and we cover the findings of a recent review undertaken on the programme. We also have a survey on Fertiliser Matters that we ask you to take part in, and be in the draw to win a $100 Mitre 10 voucher.

Issue 72
August 2017
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters we explore our collective journey toward workable solutions for the water quality issues currently being faced in New Zealand; we introduce the new Chief Executive of the Fertiliser Association Dr Vera Power, and also give special thanks to Dr Philip Mladenov who retired from this position late last year. There is a new Forage Crop booklet to add to the library of information booklets currently available from the Association and we touch on a review that has recently been taken of the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme.

Issue 71
November 2016
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters we highlight proposed new EU regulations for CE Marked fertilisers designed to stimulate the use of recycled fertiliser products and reduce cadmium levels in fertilisers. In his editorial, Dr Philip Mladenov discusses the industry’s position on importation of phosphate rock from Western Sahara. We also discuss the long history of benefits derived from the fertiliser industry’s investment in the long-term phosphate fertiliser trials at the Winchmore Research Station on the Canterbury Plains.

Issue 70
July 2016
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters we highlight the growing requirement for life-long learning among farm advisers to enable them to stay abreast of the latest technological innovations that help farmers enhance productivity, manage their environmental footprint and remain globally competitive. In his editorial Dr Philip Mladenov discusses the value of the long-term fertiliser trials at the Ballantrae Hill Country Research Station. He argues that this is a nationally significant science resource that needs to be utilised to its full potential. We also start a new series looking at research projects funded and supported by the Fertiliser Association, as well as listing upcoming events.

Issue 69
April 2016
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters we highlight an independent report valuing the benefits associated with the nutrient budgeting support tool OVERSEER®. We also conclude our series of articles highlighting the vital role of phosphorus in New Zealand’s agricultural systems with an article on New Zealand’s phosphate fertiliser production capability. In his editorial Dr Philip Mladenov discusses the benefits of the effects-based regulatory system that OVERSEER® allows. Finally, we summarise some of the research funded by the Association that was presented at this years’ FLRC Workshop and we list upcoming events.

Issue 68
December 2015
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters we discuss some exciting new developments at OVERSEER including a new company structure and a greater focus on business processes and customer services. We also continue with our series highlighting the vital role of phosphorus in New Zealand’s agricultural systems. In this edition we focus on the wide variety of phosphorus-containing fertilisers used by New Zealand farmers to maintain a productive agricultural sector. In his editorial, Dr Philip Mladenov summarises some of the highlights of 2015 including substantial growth of the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme, continued support for important research programmes, and submissions on a broad range of resource management matters. We also celebrate World Soil Day held each year on 5 December, as well as provide a list of upcoming events.

Issue 67
September 2015
In this month’s issue we celebrate reaching the milestone of 100 Certified Nutrient Management Advisers (CNMA’s) in the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme. With now over 100 CNMA’s throughout the country farmers can be confident that the nutrient budgets they require to farm efficiently and to meet regulatory requirements are produced to the highest standard. We also continue with our series highlighting the vital role of phosphorus in New Zealand’s agricultural systems. In this edition we focus on the history of phosphorus use in New Zealand. With the effects of climate change and natural climate cycles being of such importance to farmers, there is an editorial from Dr Philip Mladenov regarding the role of irrigation in New Zealand’s climate change adaptation strategy. And, as always, we provide a list of upcoming events.

Issue 66
June 2015
In this month’s issue we celebrate the 2015 International Year of Soils (IYS), with Dr Philip Mladenov discussing the importance of soils as a non-renewable resource, both globally and for New Zealand. We also profile a recent Callaghan Innovation R&D Student Fellowship Grant which aims to better understand mechanisms to encourage pasture legumes to thrive on hill country farms. Over the next few editions of Fertiliser Matters we’ll be exploring a range of topics relating to phosphorus and phosphorus-containing fertilisers. In this edition, we focus on the biological role of phosphorus and why agriculture globally, as well as in New Zealand, is dependent on this element. We also highlight some of the new features included in the latest release of OVERSEER 6.2.0 and list some upcoming events.

Issue 65
January 2015
In this, the first issue of Fertiliser Matters for 2015, we get a sneak preview of the latest major upgrade for OVERSEER® on its way to us in April. The collaboratively-produced upgrade will support better on-farm nutrient management through a stronger focus on flexibility and accommodating the diversity of irrigation practices in New Zealand. Dr Philip Mladenov discusses the pros and cons of input-based vs effects-based approaches to meeting regulatory requirements on-farm. He notes that farmers are dealing with regulatory change on a daily basis and that effects-based management can have a positive impact on farmers’ ability to innovate and operate highly efficiently. We also interview three Certified Nutrient Management Advisers who discuss the impact that the certification programme is having on the future of the nutrient management profession. Lastly, we look back over the Association’s achievements in 2014 to acknowledge some very important people who contributed to the Association’s successes last year.

Issue 64
September 2014
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters, Dr Philip Mladenov discusses the important role of nitrogen in relation to world food production as presented by one of the world’s foremost interdisciplinary scientists, Professor Vaclav Smil. Smil points out that as demand for increased food production rises, the need for precision agriculture and improved nitrogen use efficiencies becomes increasingly important. He also notes the important role of manufactured fertilisers in not only enhancing crop yields but sparing huge amounts of forest from being converted to farmland to produce the food we need. This issue of Fertiliser Matters also highlights updates to the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme, including the integration of new CDP activities, and discusses the updates to the OVERSEER Technical Manual which allows users a closer look ‘under the bonnet’ of the OVERSEER engine.

Issue 63
May 2014
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters we discuss progress with the Certified Nutrient Management Adviser Programme and talk to two certified advisers about their experiences with it. We also provide an update on the new management structure and work programme for OVERSEER®. We feature a section dedicated to key updates on cadmium, including the tiered fertiliser management system for managing soil cadmium accumulation and the updated national soil cadmium database. We also cover the focus of the Land and Water Partnership, and the science-based solutions they seek, and provide an update on how we’re growing influence through submissions.

Issue 62
December 2013
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters we are pleased to announce the launch of the OVERSEER® Best Practice Data Input Standards. We also follow-up on the recent joint Australia New Zealand Fertilizer Industry Conference held in Australia, the Open2Study agriculture course being taught by Russ Tillman, Professor Emeritus at Massey University, the upcoming Annual Fertilizer & Lime Research Centre workshop at Massey University in February 2014 and the recent presentation by the Association’s Chief Executive to the International Fertilizer Association’s Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference in Bali.

Special Issue: Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme launched December 2013
The Fertiliser Association is proud to announce the launch of the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme. DairyNZ, the industry good organisation representing New Zealand’s dairy farmers, commissioned the Association to develop the programme as part of its Primary Growth Partnership, jointly funded through DairyNZ levy money and investment from the Ministry for Primary Industries. This special issue of Fertiliser Matters introduces readers to a number of key aspects about the nutrient management adviser programme.

Issue 61
September 2013
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters we talk about the work that the Technical Advisory Group has been doing developing new OVERSEER® Input Standards. We also cover the upcoming Australia New Zealand Fertilizer Industry Conference in Australia, recent improvements to OVERSEER® and the recently announced National Science Challenges. We are also pleased to announce that the Fertiliser Association has signed on as a supporting partner to the Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord.

Issue 60
April 2013
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters we talk about the long-term issue of cadmium – a naturally occurring element present in New Zealand soils and in the phosphate rock from which New Zealand phosphate fertiliser is derived. We also talk about laying the foundations for a globally recognised nutrient management assurance system, the recent report from the Global Partnership on Nutrient Management and the recently released consultation document from the government on its freshwater reform package.

Issue 59
December 2012
In this issue of Fertiliser Matters we discuss the challenge of growing agriculture in New Zealand within water quality limits – a defining issue for our primary production sector. We also review the state of play of the Horizons One Plan after five years of consultation and discussion; update our readers on progress to establish a sector-wide scheme to certify nutrient management advisors; provide background on the third and final report of the Land and Water Forum; and note the release of new technical manuals in support of OVERSEER®. We also pay tribute to the work of Rodney Green who retired from his position as Chief Executive Officer of Ravensdown after 16 years of service.

Issue 58
September 2012
In this issue of Fert Matters we announce our new name – The Fertiliser Association of New Zealand – why the change and what it means. We also discuss the challenge of food security with sustainable food production, how the Winchmore Research Station helps us to better understand the benefits of long-term superphosphate use and we introduce the latest upgrade of Overseer (version 6) agricultural management tool, plus information on our recent conference ‘Tools to Farm Within Limits’.

Issue 57
March 2012
Our first issue for 2012 focuses on nutrient efficiency and examines a new farming tool for dairy farmers to improve production efficiencies and associated environmental benefits. A joint initiative between Fert Research (now The Fertiliser Association) and Dairy NZ, these regional indicators are designed to benchmark nutrient performance and achieve greater productivity, using the available nutrients more effectively.

Issue 56
November 2011
For the final edition for 2011, Fert Matters focuses on farming – including the positive response from dairy farmers in becoming more sustainable (while remaining productive), and data indicating stable use of nitrogen over the past five years. We also discuss the Government’s consistent stance on the ETS for agriculture, and our own involvement in developing the next stage in freshwater reforms.

Issue 55
July 2011
In the latest edition of Fert Matters we look at the Government’s Fresh Start for Fresh Water programme announced in May, and why their National Policy Statement for fresh water management looks to be challenging for all involved. We also bring this edition to you from our new office, now located in Wellington – and what this move means for us in terms of building on our Government liaison and other primary sector associations.

Issue 54
March 2011
Fert Matters is back for 2011 and takes an in-depth look at New Zealand's approach to managing cadmium. We provide the top line findings from the comprehensive study looking at the carbon footprint of different fertilisers as well as the mounting pressure on fertiliser prices, and Dr Philip Mladenov explains why the Foresight report should be a compulsory read for all decision makers.

Issue 53
December 2010
For the final edition of 2010, Fert Matters looks at New Zealand's role in meeting growing world food demand, as the world's population skyrockets in the next 40 years. We examine the trend towards lower fertiliser use on New Zealand farms as fertiliser use dips 20% below peak usage, as well as look at potential outcomes from the ETS review happening this month, and Dr Mladenov shares some of his early impressions of the industry.

Issue 52
October 2010
October’s issue of Fert Matters examines Lord Stern’s comments on climate change from his most recent trip to our country. We check the global supply and demand forecast over the next five years for the fertiliser industry, and the departing Dr. Furness looks at the progress made by the Fertiliser Industry over the last 15 years and welcomes in the new Technical Director Dr. Philip Mladenov.

Issue 51
August 2010
In the latest issue of Fert Matters, we look at the implications for New Zealand food of the world agencies reducing the tolerable cadmium intake levels. Dr Furness examines New Zealand’s ETS scheme and we consider two research projects through MAF’s Sustainable Farming Fund which demonstrate the ability of farmers to manage nutrients

Issue 50
March 2010
In the first edition for 2010, we look at Fert Research's involvement in the Primary Sector Water partnership. Dr Furness explains his apprehension around the potential 'battle ground' between farmers and regional councils that is water quality. We examine the concerning plant growth products that defy good science, and see that nutrient use in New Zealand is at a nine year low.

Issue 49
December 2009
In December's issue of Fert Matters, the world's nutrient supply is put under the spotlight with one eye on the future. Guest Columnist Jacqueline Rowarth discusses the importance of New Zealand's 'Clean and Green' image, and Dr Furness talks about his recent experiences at an international conference held in Brazil , and how New Zealand compares with the world around managing fertiliser use through best management practices.

Issue 48
September 2009
Read about how the fertiliser industry is on track to meet water quality improvement commitments, an interesting viewpoint on the NZFSA’s decision not to audit ‘novel’ fertiliser importers as well as all the latest international fertiliser news and research.

Issue 47
July 2009
Highlights how farmers will have to resist the traditional response of reducing fertiliser use when times get lean on the farm if food exports are to lead our economy. We also discuss some of the tools and services the fertiliser industry has been working with government agencies, regional councils and the agriculture sector to develop to assist farmers to balance the competing needs of farm production while protecting the environment.

Issue 46
March 2009
The latest issue of Fert Matters discusses how external auditing of nutrient budgets adds integrity to the practice. We also discuss the challenges associated with developing national standards for freshwater management, and publish the latest nutrient use statistics.

Issue 45
December 2008
In this issue read about the cadmium working group and agricultural emissions trading. We also have a focus on collaborative governance with guest columnist Guy Salmon.

Issue 44
July 2008
Read about the global factors impacting fertiliser prices, IFA’s 2008 crop nutrition award recipient and changes to Fert Research’s research funding approach in this issue.

Issue 43
March 2008
The March 2008 issue focuses on Climate Change. In the editorial Dr Hilton Furness discusses Fert Research's role as an enabler of environmental protection, page 3 covers the point of obligation for livestock emissions be on farm and outlines three issues Fert Research believes need addressing in the Climate Change Bill.

Issue 42
November 2007
In this issue the Technical Director talks about the climate change challenge for agriculture, applications open for the 2008 IFA award, and two recently completed, Fert Research-funded Enterprise Scholarship PhD projects that establish ‘new science’ are profiled.

Issue 41
July 2007
Issue 41 highlights the European experience with a fertiliser tax, nutrient nudgets are explained in detail and the highly sucessful Lake Rerewhakaaitu water quality project is covered.

Issue 40
April 2007
April's issue of Fertiliser Matters features information about the new Code of Practice, the Association's position on the Government's climate change options paper and an update on Massey University's Sustainable Nutrient Management Training course.

Issue 39
December 2006
This issue looks at sub-Saharan Africa as an example of the importance of fertiliser use, includes an analysis of inputs vs outputs and features an item from Luc Maene, IFA Director General.

Issue 38
September 2006
Featuring a lead story on the industry's commitment to nutrient budgets, plus the announcement of a drop in fertiliser use, a look at what are nutrient budgets and nutrient management plans and a synopsis of AgResearch's analysis of farmers' attitudes to change.

Issue 37
June 2006
Read about the Government's Sustainable Water Programme of Action, the 2005 global marketplace for fertilisers, IFA's 2006 crop nutrition award recipient and new Wise N Use fact sheets.

Special Farmer Edition
March 2006
In its annual special farmer issue, Fert Research focuses on nutrient budgeting, with case studies of North and South Island farmers featured.

Issue 36
March 2006
The 2006 Yale and Columbia EPI results lead this issue, with other items including an innovative research project on Rotorua lakes and Rabobank's first Food and Agribusiness research report.

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