Feeding the world’s growing population

New Zealand’s reputation as a quality food producer is growing.

Optimising food production

Over the next 50 years farmers around the world will need to produce more food than has been grown over the past 10,000 years.

Best use from a limited resource

Fertiliser helps farmers produce food efficiently by replenishing the soil. But fertiliser needs to be used responsibly.

Responsible and sustainable nutrient management

The Fertiliser Association invests in research and tools to ensure farm profitability while minimising nutrient losses to the environment.

The Fertiliser Association of New Zealand promotes and encourages responsible and scientifically-based nutrient management.

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Defining a standard method to measure the total and bioavailable concentration of fluorine in New Zealand soils

Geretharan, P Jeyakumara, M Bretherton, Christopher W. N. Anderson
Completed 2018


The concentration of fluorine (F) in New Zealand pastoral soils is increasing as a consequence of Phosphorus(P) fertiliser application, and there is concern over the long-term impact of this F on animal and soil microbiological health.

Ongoing soil F monitoring to underpin comprehensive soil F management practices requires an accurate and simple test to quantify both the total and bioavailable concentration of F in soil. In this study, soils were collected from various locations across New Zealand, representing different soil orders and land uses.

The research describes a simple analytical method for total soil F concentration. It found that for New Zealand soils at risk of F contamination, 4 mol L−1 NaOH extraction gives reliable results.

The researchers propose that 0.01 mol L−1 CaCl2 extraction should be adopted as a standard method to assess the bioavailable F concentration of New Zealand pastoral soils.

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The Fertiliser Association of New Zealand and Dairy NZ funded development of the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme (NMACP). This industry-wide certification aims to ensure that advisers have the learning, experience and capability to give sound nutrient advice.

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1 March 2024

The Fertiliser Association of New Zealand recently updated its Fertiliser Use on New Zealand Dairy Farms booklet to ensure farmers get the best value from fertiliser applied and to align the advice with the Code of Practice for Fertiliser Nutrient Management.

28 June 2023

Dairy farmers milking cows on a farm area of more than 20 hectares are required to record synthetic nitrogen use on their dairy platform land, including a zero-kg record if no synthetic nitrogen is used. The regulations require data to be submitted by 31 July each year for the preceding year ended 30 June. 

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